Connecting to Holland

A successful partner in Holland

The collaborative initiative "Connecting to Holland" involving Klewer Consulting (The Netherlands) and Thielenhaus & Partner (Germany) supports German companies to gain a foothold and maintain a strong presence on the Dutch market.


One of the most important export markets

The Netherlands has a population of 16,8 million and GDP worth over 600 billion euros. Imports from Holland to Germany in 2014 were 88.1 billion euros, while German exports totalled 73.1 billion euros. Holland is Germany's Number One import partner ahead of China, France and the US. The Netherlands currently ranks fourth on the list of export partners after France, the US and Great Britain.


A vital partner for NRW-region

For the NRW-region, Holland is the top foreign trade partner both as a buyer and supplier of goods. In 2014, exports totalled 19.4 billion euros and imports from The Netherlands reached 37.6 billion euros. Despite the impressive statistics, many German companies are not represented at all or only have a minor presence on the Dutch market.


Agency Network

Klewer Consulting in The Netherlands is at the centre of a network involving experts with long-standing international experience of multinationals and SMEs. The combined expertise of a project team can be brought together to concentrate on a specific problem. This means tackling projects using integrated strategies and solutions.

The network's expertise includes strategic marketing and communication, market- and target group surveys, social media and e-commerce as well as technical web concepts and operative implementation. "Connecting to Holland" additionally works with companies that complete our full-service offers with their search engine marketing, CRM and sales systems, events, workshops and training courses.

Service spectrum:

  • Marketing and sales consulting
  • Conception of strategic and tactical marketing programs as well as their operative implementation
  • Market- and target group surveys
  • Image and information campaigns
  • Media relations
  • PR
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Event marketing

Tailor-Made Services

We are delighted to discuss your requirements for a tailor-made solution to develop a successful strategy to access and maintain a strong presence in Holland. Please get in touch with us.


Untapped Market Potential

A study released by the University of Maastricht's School of Business and Economics showed that: if German companies more or less ignore the market in Holland, leaving untapped market potential, this is usually based on three factors:

  • Underestimating the market potential
  • Lack of know-how
  • Lack of contacts


The Solution: “Connecting to Holland”

This is where “Connecting to Holland”, a new collaborative initiative of Klewer Consulting (The Netherlands) and Thielenhaus & Partner (Germany) steps in. Its creative and proactive approach helps German companies to gain a foothold and maintain a strong presence on the Dutch market. This network draws on many years of expertise in international sales, marketing, communication and organization.

Its focus is on support for SMEs with customized solutions and practical strategies to improve their market position in The Netherlands.

The network’s services range from the design of all-round strategies to full-service packages. Additionally, it develops and implements solutions that are tailored to individual needs in specific areas. This applies for optimizing sales structures, interim management tasks as well as management consulting and individual marketing and communication projects.


The bi-national cooperation of two high-performance consulting agencies from The Netherlands and Germany guarantees a high standard of experience and target-focused approach to national circumstances, corporate culture and market nuances.



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